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Yul Brynner - The Man Who Was King

Yul Brynner - The Man Who Was King

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Director: Gene Feldman
Cast: Yul Brynner
Release Year: 1998
MPAA film rating: PG
There is only one Yul Brynner. No other actor had his looks, his range of talents, his energy, and his capacity to draw others into the spell of his charm. A true sophisticate of deliberately mysterious origins, Yul Brynner was at home in a wide variety of languages and social environments. At an early age he found his perfect role in The King And I. The Academy Award-winning success that might have become a trap for a lesser star, became the ongoing glory of his career from the peak of his stardom to his untimely death. Including clips from The King And I, The Ten Commandments, Anastasia, The Magnificent Seven, The Brothers Karamazov, and Westworld, and interviews with former wife Doris Brynner, children Rock Brynner and Victoria Brynner, actors Eli Wallach, Rita Moreno, director John Frankenheimer and others.